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In a weird turn of product placement, Trion has decided to team up with Comcast to promote Xfinity internet speeds, as a side note Comcast is a semi finalist for the worst company in America again.. well done. But who can say no to a +1 Runner promo code?

You can input it here :



Thanks to teovall and queenstime for bringing this to our attention!

Source: Reddit


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  1. Sweet! I’m in the UK so I don’t even hear about Comcast, but I won’t let that stop me cashing in! Thanks

  2. Since Comcast owns NBC Universal (who’s producing the show, as well as who owns Syfy), the crosspromotion actually makes sense. 🙂

    On the redeem page, it says the code is for “Defiance PC” (instead of just “Defiance” for the Ark Hunter codes). Is it really supposed to be PC only?

  3. So, this code didn’t work for me. I’ve gotten all the other rewards I’ve entered this way and I’ve got it linked to my console (360) but it doesn’t show up in my defiance store to claim but it does show as valid on the website you listed…..

    Here’s the problem (or at least I assume) its showing

    “2013-4-7 Defiance™ PC -Defiance Comcast Xfinity Promo”

    So i assume somehow its thinking I’m claiming it for PC, unless of course it just shows this way for everyone for some reason…. can anyone help or confirm this?

    Thanks guys, I love Arkfalls, great site

  4. it upgrades your vehicle by +1 so look at that and see if it is one level more than it was before? least that is what i get from its explanation as well as from other places.

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