New Data Recorders!

With yesterdays premiere of Defiance, the game got two new pursuit categories for the new episodes.  Each episode has its own set of data recorders so we went ahead and made some data recorder videos for you.  Hope you like them.


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  1. Cheers heaps for the vids guys, big props to you. Loving the site, but damn Slade, you got a mean monotone going on in the vids, loosen up man.

      • Oh I find it so soothing I just about fall asleep… Remind me, if I ever end up raiding in a large group with you and you’re leading, that I have a few drinks to keep me awake ^.^

        • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
          Slade "bwar" Saretsky 19 April, 2013 at 6:28 pm - Reply Author

          Well I have good news, I’m never the raid leader. But I’m not against you having a few drinks anyways.

  2. I really appreciate the work you(you guys?) are putting into this site. Definitely my favorite/goto resource. Much appreciated!

  3. Outstanding work guys. Especially on the recorder videos. That is probably the hardest part of this for me to follow in game. And you guys make it much better. So Thanks for all your work and I love the site in general

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