Getting to Know Defiance: Defiance Mods List

Here is a mods list for Defiance.  I can’t guarantee that this list is absolutely all of the mods in game as of right now but it is a good start and should give you a base for planning out how you wish to mod all of your weapons.

If you are wondering how to get mods there are a few different ways to acquire them: You can but Synergy Mod Cache using 16 keycodes (probably the best mods in the game), some vendors sell mods (usually as a specials) and you get mods for completing various challenges throughout Defiance.

The circles represent which slot each mod attaches to. 1 is stock, 2 in barrel, 3 is magazine and 4 is scope.

I would like to give a very big thank you to Pala from Clan Bwar Clan for compiling this list.


o— Bionetic Amplifier – link range
-o– Beam Intesifier – dmg/sec
-o– Syphon Accelerator – damage/sec (penalty) , heal/sec
-o– Syphon Suppressor – damage/sec, heal/sec (penalty)
–o- Fusion Conductor – damage charge
–o- Tachmag Reloader – reload
o— Close Quarters Stock – melee damage
o— Recoil Dampener – bloom, recoil
-o– Critical Force Barrel – crit multiplier
-o– Maximum Force Barrel – aim damage, hip damage
-o– Persistent Thruster – falloff damage
–o- Catalytic Amplifier – effect trigger chance
–o- Expander Magazine – mag size
–o- Rapid Reloader – reload
—o Advanced Scope – aim accuracy
—o Mobile Adjustment Scope – accuracy
—o Precision Scope – aim accuracy
—o Ultimate Scope – aim accuracy
Rocket Launcher
o— Tight Guidance System – rocket turn speed (guided launchers)
-o– Dispersion Muzzle – damage radius
-o– Power Muzzle – damage
-o– Splash Muzzle – minimum damage
–o- Active Reload System – reload
—o Rapid Acquisition System – lock on time (guided launchers)
—o Target Recovery System – lock on loss time (guided lauchers)
Machine Guns
o— External Recoil Reduction – bloom recoil
o— Guerrilla Buttstock – melee damage
-o– Ionic Barrel – crit multiplier
-o– Power Bore – aim damage, hip damage
-o– Sustained Power Muzzle – falloff damage
–o- Catalyst Injector – effect trigger chance
–o- Fast Action Reloader – reload
–o- High Capacity Magazine – mag size
—o Assault Scope – aim accuracy
—o Commando Scope – aim accuracy
—o Stabilization Sight – accuracy, movement accuracy
—o Tactical Scope – aim accuracyDetonators
o— Sledge Arm – melee damage
-o– Perimeter Overthruster – min damage
-o– Proximity Overthruster – aim damage, hip damage
-o– Radius Overthruster – full damage radisu
–o- Munitions Interchanger – reload
–o- Reserve Chamber – mag size
o— Close Quarters Buttstock – melee damage
o— Recoil Buttstock – bloom, recoil
-o– Power Choke – aim damage, hip damage
-o– Power Retention Choke – falloff damage
–o- Rapid Shot Pod – reload
–o- Shot Catalyst – effect trigger chance
–o- Shot Pod – mag size
—o Scatter Scope – accuracy, movement accuracy
—o Shotgun Hip Spread – accuracy
o— Bio-Stabilizer – bloom, recoil
o— Eviscerator – melee damage
-o– Strain Mitigator – bug damage, damage (penalty)
-o– Viral Accelerator – bug damage (penalty), damage
–o- Strain Expander – mag size
–o- Strain Reloader – reload
Sniper Rifles
o— Sniper Recoil Stock – bloom, recoil
-o– Tachyon Laced Extender – crit multiplier
-o– Ultra-Bore Extension – aim damage, hip damage
–o- Extended Sniper Mag – mag size
–o- Rifle Catalyst Injector – effect trigger chance
–o- Sniper Rapid Mag – reload
—o Marksman Scope – aim accuracy
—o Sharpshooter Scope – aim accuracy
—o Telescopic Sight – aim accuracy


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