Getting to Know Defiance: An EGO Rating Breakdown

So I got a bit curious about how exactly we are supposed to get to EGO rating 4000 in Defiance this morning and I decided to breakdown exactly how you can get to EGO rating 4000 and what the highest possible EGO rating should be.  First off I broke the EGO rating into three categories: Pursuits, weapons/vehicles and EGO points.  Added up all the possible EGO rating from each category I determined that the maximum possible EGO rating should be 5016, so while getting to 4000 seems very daunting that’s still 1000 rating off from the actual max level.  Anyways here is the breakdown:


  • Mount Tam – 65
  • Madera – 65
  • Marin – 70
  • Sausalito – 65
  • San Francisco – 65
  • Co-op Maps – 105
  • Arkfalls – 60
  • Enemy Groups – 30
  • Competitive Multiplayer – 180
  • EGO Evolution – 95
  • Combat – 180
  • Vehicles – 100
  • Reputation – 80
  • Social – 40
  • Total – 1200


Each time you level a weapon/vehicle you gain 4 EGO rating and each weapon/vehicle has 20 levels (19 level ups).  So each weapon/vehicle can get you 76 EGO rating.  There are 13 weapon types and 3 vehicle types making a total possible of 1216 EGO rating from weapons/vehicles.

EGO Points:

Now here is where the bulk of the EGO rating comes.  There are 80 perks requiring 3 points for each and 4 EGO powers requiring 5 points each so each maxed out perk is worth 30 EGO rating and each maxed out power is worth 50 EGO rating.  80*30 = 2400 and 4*50 = 200.  So EGO points will account for a whooping 2600 EGO rating.

So in summary 1200 from pursuits, 1216 from weapons/vehicles and 2600 from EGO points for a grand total of 5016.


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  1. That doesn’t sound right. I tried to respec to use different powers and they didn’t give me the extra points.

  2. I don’t think leveling vehicles increases your EGO like weapons do, though obviously the specific vehicle pursuits for each type do. Not 100%, but fairly sure. But then this would take it down to 4788, right?

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 8 April, 2013 at 11:32 pm - Reply Author

      Everyone keeps telling me that vehicles do raise EGO rating but I’m not fully convinced. There have also been reports that you can level a weapon beyond rank 20, so if any of that is true this value would change but regardless this still gives you a solid idea of how you get to EGO 4000+.

  3. 4 ego rating gained from using the +1 runner perk. Create a new character if you would like to test. Other than that STOP SPEADING LIES.

  4. You still get Xp for kills so it’s fine if it doesn’t quite add up to 5000. But yeah, I don’t think you get any ego boost for leveling vehicles.

  5. You don’t GET EGO Rating from perks….you SPEND them on perks. Every 10 EGO Rating you gain an EGO Unit to spend on a perk. Spending those EGO Units on a perk does not grant you any EGO Rating. So the 2600 Rating you are calculating you get from perks is false.

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 12 April, 2013 at 1:14 am - Reply Author

      you gain 10 EGO rating and one EGO point every time you fill out the xp bar at the bottom of the screen. Therefore by earning 260 EGO points and maxing out the EGO grid you gain 2600 EGO rating.

  6. Im a gamer over 60yrs old and I find the challanges way too hard. Can the difficulty for them be changed or made easier for us old farts?

  7. math is still off. you get ego points every 20 ego rating regardless of where you got it from.

    bottom line is you can get 2416 from all pursuits and maxing out all weapon skills. that leaves you 184 short of the 2600 needed to fully unlock the ego grid. filling out a perk does not grant ego rating or points at all outside of the one needed for a pursuit.

    anything above 2416 ego rating was xp gained by filling the xp bar at the bottom, which gives you…10?…ego rating everytime you fill it

  8. Slade "bwar" Saretsky
    Slade "bwar" Saretsky 15 April, 2013 at 6:15 pm - Reply Author

    Filling the xp bar gives you 10 EGO rating and a EGO point.

    You start the game at EGO rating 20, and have 1 EGO point spent on your EGO power and then you have one point you can spend on any available perk. That right there proves that you do not get a EGO point every 20 EGO rating. (but strangely enough it does line up perfectly with my assertion that you gain 10 EGO rating and 1 EGO point for each “level” you gain)

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