Defiance Leveling Guide: Marin Quick Guide

Were changing up our guide format to give you some reference material which can be used fairly quickly and easily complete all of the Marin pursuits.

The guide consists of the following resources: Marin Data Recorder Video, Marin Bridge Map, Marin Exploration Map (note: these will be at the bottom of this post as well)

Side missions

(the quest chains are as follows:)

  • Avert the Conversion -> Special Delivery -> Lost in Transit
  • Parts & Parcels -> Half the Size, Twice the Profit -> Network for the Gain -> Software Issues -> Technical Troubles
  • Unstable Elements -> …Another Persons Treasure -> Essential Stabilization

Data Recorders:


Data Recorder Quick links:





And that is it for Marin.  It should be noted that currently the Dam Defense Hot Shot Challenge is not in the game and that the final data recorder “That’s All I Got” isn’t intractable for some players.  I was able to interact with “That’s All I Got” with a new character but was unable on my character I created at launch.  Hopefully Trion gets these issues straightened out in the near future but until then you will be unable to complete all of the Marin pursuits.




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  1. Thanks for post this guide. I’m finishing up all the side quests so my next things with be challenges, data recorders, and finding and bridges I haven’t used.

  2. Update as of April 25th.

    Trion replaced Dam Defense for patch 1.0.11, but took it down shortly after due to it still being buggy. It was not replaced for patch 1.012. I reached out to Trion support about the hotshot challenge and was told they had an indefinite time frame on when we would see it in game again. Just so you know…

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