Defiance Leveling Guide: Mount Tam EGO Rating 1-150


This Defiance Leveling Guide will escort you quickly and efficiently through the Mount Tam region and should leave you close to EGO rating 150 when you are finished.  In this guide we will complete all of the Mount Tam pursuits.  Just a few notes before we start the guide:

  1. I recommend trying to stick with as few different weapon types as you can.  Each time you level up a weapon you increase your EGO rating by 4, so early on in the game when we want to be raising our EGO rating quickly it helps to focus on a small number of weapons.

  1. Be aware that you can max out the xp on a weapon.  Each weapon has a cap of roughly 750k xp, once this is achieved you will stop increasing your weapon level so make sure you switch your weapon out.

  1. Your mission goal and the area goals may be different.  Just because an area is highlighted on the map doesn’t mean you need to complete all the tasks in this area.  Normally this is the case but there are a few cases where you can ignore the area goals.

  1. After the “We’re on the Air” Story Mission, story quests will not be immediately available.  If you hit a point in the guide that tells you to start the next story mission but it is not available, simply relog and the mission will appear.

  1. Make sure you get a silver ranking in all of the challenges because that is what is required by the pursuits.

  1. I recommend going into the gameplay options and turning on damage numbers.  This really makes it much easier to tell how effective each weapon is.  Weapons do vary within each category so just because you don’t like one sawed-off shotgun, doesn’t mean you won’t like another.

  2. If you ever find yourself in a tough situation, you can always deploy your vehicle and quickly drive away.  Dying costs you scrip so its better to be a rich coward than brave, dead and broke.

Relevant materialsData Recorder MapExploration MapQuest Flow Map 1Quest Flow Map 2 , Data Recorder Video

This guide begins after the tutorial.

Defiance Leveling Guide

  1. Start the Story Mission Chaos Reigns

  2. Acquire the Data Recorder Gut Check  —  Video

  3. Discover Locate EMS New Freedom

  4. Complete Story Mission Chaos Reigns.

  5. Start the Story Mission Sniper Ridge.

  6. Discover Sniper Ridge

  7. After you kill the mini-boss, Fast Travel back to the E-Rep Camp (Open your map and double click the blue icon at the E-Rep Camp)

  8. Complete the Story Mission Sniper Ridge

  9. Start the Story Mission Raid the Medicine Cabinet.

  10. Discover Accord Medical Clinic

  11. Complete the Story Mission Raid the Medicine Cabinet

  12. Fast Travel to the E-Rep Camp

  13. Start the Story Mission We’re on the Air.

  14. Discover KTAM Radio Station

  15. Complete the Story Mission We’re on the Air. (note: at this point the story mission no longer immediately appear, if the guide says to start a story mission that isn’t on your map, simply relog)

  16. Start the Side Mission Maintaining the Line

  17. Obtain the Data Recorder The Conspiracy —  Video

  18. Complete the Side Mission Maintaining the Line

  19. Start the Story Mission Fine Tuning

  20. Discover North Radio Tower

  21. Discover Kinship Plaza (If you don’t get Kinship Plaza don’t worry we come back to that are later)

  22. Discover South Radio Tower

  23. Discover East Radio Tower

  24. Complete the Story Mission Fine Tuning

  25. Complete the Challenge Rampaging: Draw the Line (note: You must get a silver rating on all of the challenges!)

  26. Start the Story Mission Kith and Kinship. (note: if you missed Kinship Plaza you will find it here)

  27. Complete the Story Mission Kith and Kinship

  28. Relog

  29. Start the Story Mission All Roads Lead to Bloodbath

  30. Obtain the Data Recorder The Assassination of Toruku —  Video

  31. Complete the Story Mission All Roads Lead to Bloodbath

  32. Start the Side Mission Closing Time.

  33. Discover Delta Bunker West

  34. Complete the Side Mission Closing Time

  35. Discover Delta Bunker East (have had numerous people miss this step, don’t skip this step)

  36. Start the Story Mission Into the Depths

  37. Complete the Story Mission Into the Depthsmount_tam_quest2_www_arkfalls_com

  38. Fast travel to E-Rep Camp

  39. Complete the Challenge Hotshot: Desperate Time

  40. Start the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 1

  41. Complete the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 1

  42. Complete the Challenge Time Trial: Tranquility Sprint. (note: after completing this make sure you restart instead of closing the challenge) (note 2: The Racing Pro pursuits require you to get gold on all of the racing challenges, it might be worthwhile to take the time and get gold on each one as you go through)

  43. Restart then abandon Time Trial: Tranquility Sprint

  44. Start the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 2

  45. Complete the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 2

  46. Start the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 3

  47. Complete the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 3

  48. Start the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 4.

  49. Discover Serenity Academy

  50. Obtain the Data Recorder My Name is Ara —  Video

  51. Complete the Side Mission The Tranquil Surface, Part 4

  52. Complete the Challenge Time Trial: Bloodbath Run

  53. Get the Exploartion Tranquility Gate

At this point you should have completed all of the Mount Tam pursuits and should have an EGO rating somewhere around 150.  This will vary based on your playstyle, how many times you level up your weapons, how many EGO points you unlock and any of the preorder/prelaunch bonuses you get.  You should be able to get through this guide in one play session.

If you enjoyed this guide here is a link to the Madera Leveling Guide.

Exploration Map:mount_tam_explore_www_arkfalls_com

Data Recorder Map:

Data Recorder Video:



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  4. I missed the east Bunker.I can’t believe I did this.Is there a way to go back?Its the part of Mont Tam Exploration I don’t tell me I can go back and get it?Your guide is awesome…I wish I had it when I started. Ty

  5. just can’t manage Rampaging: Draw the Line and Hotshot: Desperate Times challenges – have not yet managed to get better than bronze as I either die or run out of ammo 🙁

    • I always look up the challenges on YouTube. People have posted guides for most all of the challenges with tips on how to best do them.

  6. I too am having problems with Rampages and Hotshots. Also, I can’t seem to get past Dogtown Mine. Hopefully YouTube will have the answers.

  7. Slade "bwar" Saretsky
    Slade "bwar" Saretsky 7 April, 2013 at 10:50 pm - Reply Author

    Seems like there is some interest in having some more in-depth info on the various challenges in defiance. I will look into putting something together tomorrow.

  8. I cannot find the side mission “maintaining the line”. There is nothing on the map at that position, been all around, have everything else completed… I’m lvl 350 or so, can’t find it.

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 14 April, 2013 at 1:43 am - Reply Author

      If you’ve completed all the steps up to that point in the guide you should see it. I think that mission appearing is dependent on you completing certain story missions.

    • If you have an active quest, try abandoning it. I had the same problem, scoured Mount Tam for 4 hours today looking for a few unfinished missions. As soon as I abandoned my active mission, they all popped up on my map.

  9. Great guide! Thanks a ton! Bookmarked your site and will be using the other guides as well. Much appreciated!

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