Defiance Leveling Guide: San Francisco Quick Guide

The goal of this guide is to give you some easy to use tools to help you complete all of the San Francisco Pursuits.

This guide consists of the following resources: San Francisco Exploration Map, San Francisco Data Recorder Video

Side Missions:

There are three side quest chains you need to complete in San Francisco.  Here are those chains:

Violent or Benevolent -> One of Many -> The Loss of Gains -> Scrap the Whole Thing

Comm Down -> Small Time Defense -> Come Fila, Kuma Dunya -> Cut ‘Em Down to Size

Truth with Consequences (entire chain)

Data Recorders:

Quick links:





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  1. You have the picture mislabeled. “EXPLORATION MARIN”, just a heads up. Otherwise thank you very much for the labeled map of San Fran!

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