Getting to Know Defiance: Defiance Vendor List

Warboss Enfo from Clan Bwar Clan recently compiled a list of all the weapons vendors and a list of all the items they sell on a regular basis.  He also included a short breakdown of the damage and mag size for each weapon.  This is by no means a list of all the weapons in the game but is a very useful resource if you are trying to level up a specific weapon type.

The secret vendors sell Blue items where the other vendors sell greens.  Depending on your EGO rating the items each vendor sell will vary slightly (different elements, different mod slots), but for the most part the weapon each vendor has stays the same.  Specials have not been included in the list since they appear to be completely independent from the normally sold items.

Faction vendors are not included either since the intent of the list was to give player a easy way to obtain the weapon types they desired to level with.

Edit: here is a video with the secret vendor locations.


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  1. u don’t have the one selling the charger (car) listed? well im playing the xbox one do not know if the others have that vendor.

  2. Weapon table isnt complete nor accurate. I suggest add crit multiplier.
    Frontier rvolver best choice? Wolfhound is best pistol for its incredible crit multiplier.
    VBI assault rifle is like EMC service rifle but with noticable lower recoil.

  3. mike slominski 6 May, 2013 at 8:14 am - Reply

    don’t use this list to select the ‘best’ weapon of each type, its totally inaccurate because it only consider max damage for each weapon. there are many more factors including rate of fire and the accuracy and recoil… for example.. as someone who loves sniping, ill tell you the votan bolter is WAY WAY WAY better than the frontier repeater. damage is slightly less but it fires twice as fast and is MUCH more accurate. seriously, In this case if you went by this list, you would probably never understand how effective sniping can be because the frontier gun will often miss even if your recital is directly over your target where as the bolter hits dead on about every time. also with all assault rifles and machine guns, check your rate of fire compared to damage per shot… the speed at which you get shots off often will outweigh the damage per shot when it comes down to eliminating a target in a fire fight.

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