End Game?

There has been a lot of talk about the lack of Defiance end game.  Originally I was quite optimistic on this topic seeing that Trion has mmo experience with RIFT and that prior to launch we already knew that 5 DLC packs were already in the works.  But now we are quickly closing in on one month since release and are seeing no signs that there is any plans for any type of end game.  And for those of us who were extremely excited for Defiance this is very disheartening.  Not only has the “transmedia synergy” been a colossal disappointment thus far but the Defiance game is quickly losing its grip on its audience because players are not being given any reason to keep playing the game.

Now I personally had assumed that I would be enthralled by the Defiance world for at least the duration of the first season of the TV show.  Unfortunately I find myself logging in less and less frequently and now have even begun looking for some different games to play.  And considering how long I’ve been excited for this game and how confident I was that the game would be a huge success, this is not a situation I ever imagined myself to be in.  I will be hanging tough until at least the first DLC pack but Trion needs to realize that the game is in trouble and without some immediate attention their playerbase is going to begun shrinking in a real hurry.

Get it together Trion, we all want this experiment to be a huge success but you can’t simply expect us all to keep playing just because there is a TV show.  Right now there is absolutely zero connection between the two mediums and the whole “transmedia synergy” is turning into smoke and mirrors.  We need a real reason to continue playing the game and right now you just aren’t giving us one.


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  1. First of, your website and guides are awesome. It helped me alot especially on the data recorders.
    Sadly, I think you are right.
    But the game lacks alot more then endgame. I mean how can I force myself to do a long and tedious pursuit when it might reset? Even by doing the same boring stuff over and over again.
    The weapon CLASS leveling system is retarded, because it forces you to use alot of different weapons from the same class.
    World events are lackluster and too easy.
    Graphic wise, game looks terribile (compared to the advertised trailers).

    As a review of the game, I think I agree 100% to the one made by Angry Joe (no advertising whatsoever).

    PS: 1100-ish EGO rating here.

  2. Most of my clan members are at 2k+ rating and all there is to do for us now is grind weapons skills on hulkers or in coop dungeons, Farm arkfalls and come up with lame builds for pvp like Infestor(burst mag) + Sludge RL try it please so trion will nerf it to the ground. Dont get me wrong it can be quite fun but sadly only for a short while.

    I’m seeing the same thing happening in my clan. People are complaning about the lack of endgame content and pretty much forcing themselves to log on these days and the negative feelings about the game are starting to spread.. Alot of us are also talking about moving on and playing other games, age of wushu just got release, Neverwinter online is coming on the 30th, Wildstar is in closed beta and they claim this will be the year of the Wildstar. Trion needs to shape up and at least let us know whats coming simply saying:. “Hey guys we got a cool new event coming up called Most Wanted but you will have to wait a week or so to hear about it” just isnt good enough. If this event involves pvp then Ill most likely be done with this game since you there will be no chance competing with the hackers that are currently all over the place in pvp atleast on the pc version.

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 26 April, 2013 at 3:09 pm - Reply Author

      It doesn’t matter what the challenge is, I almost guarantee the winner will be cheating. Its a nice thought by Trion but honestly it just isn’t enough. One cheater getting mentioned in the show isn’t enough to keep me playing long term. I had such high hopes for Definace but that is all slipping away rapidly.

  3. EGO 1,504 here so I have played a while and I think people need to keep some more faith here. They have already stated the first season will NOT have much crossover if you have watched interviews and such, and stated that will be more involving in that way in the second season.

    Now I admit after the story is complete there is not much going on other than pusuits, co-op/vs, and arkfalls, but I will give an ambitious game such as this more than a month before I start belly aching. I am on console and can understand they are patching like crazy and dealing with all sorts of issues, so I will let them get the episodic missions as well as the DLC out before I start complaining there is nothing to do in a game like this a month out…….

  4. Humm, I got this on launch and still in the mid 300 EGO rating. Guess I didn’t do the silly thing and rush through the game. The game JUST came out. Look at some other MMOS, they didn’t have DLC or expansions for awhile. Most of them involve doing the same thing over, and over, and over in grinding yet people do it there. I guess it all depends on if you rushed through the game, I can see why it gets boring.

    Try taking a break from it for a couple days instead of playing for 5, 6, or 7 hours straight. Youd be burned out on any game at that pace.

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 29 April, 2013 at 1:50 pm - Reply Author

      These companies should all know that having enjoyable things to do at “max level” is essential to the longevity of an mmo. I am just mind baoggled that Trion, a company who has another successful mmo, neglected this crucial fact when releasing Defiance. Hopefully this will be rectified with the first DLC but right now things seem pretty bleak for Defiance long term. Also the game has almost been out for a month now and I haven’t really seen Trion comment on anything besides bug fixes for the game. In my eyes very disappointing thus far.

  5. Ok I agree there is no end game content but game came out only a month ago with a few minor but annoying bugs that should be taken care of first and you guys that say well it should of been taken care of in beta but guess what ALL MMOS have bugs right out of beta so please save us the drama and don’t start…..two I play the game for maybe a hour or two because I know end game content is not there but also I play the game to get the story and find the links between the show and game…….you guys who play 8-9 hours straight who speed through the game to get to end game content and feel ripped off when it’s not there but you are saying that because trion sudios has a successful game this game should be perfect…..that is a bit of streach. What you should be thinking that hey his game is made by a company with a good following and style maybe I should give them a chance and see what they come up with……

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 12 May, 2013 at 9:35 pm - Reply Author

      Maybe you’re right and I am being a bit too hard on Trion. I really just expected there to be some form of progression based end game. Maybe that will change over the course of the DLC’s but I don’t have much optimism for that at this point. I think the game is exactly what they were planning on making and unfortunately its not the game I expected. The setting and style present the opportunity for so much more than Defiance currently delivers. I truly hope that Trion has real plans for the longevity of Defiance because right now for me the game really lacks any reason to keep coming back and playing. Yes I will come back after the first DLC but probably only for a few days to check out all the new things they’ve added but then I will probably log out until the next DLC.

      Defiance has left me with high hopes but low expectations from everything I’ve seen so far.

  6. Yea I see what your saying but I think the creators of the show would be a bit upset with trion if they did do this to defiance……

  7. Wow, that’s a lot coming from someone who have set up an entire website out the game, i do hope they make a great effort and get the boat out of the water but by now i think i am waiting for a miracle…

  8. I’ve been losing faith in the gaming industry for years now and it’s not just trion that releases their games half working. As a gamer I’m sick of falling for advertising, it makes me expect more then I’m being given every fcuking time. If they put HALF the effort into beta testing that they did into advertising they may not have quite as many players on release but at least we wouldn’t walk away feeling used and cheated.
    I’m so close to giving up on gaming all together because no companies seem to have the integrity to release a solid product, they just want to release something cost effective to rip us all off.

  9. Holy crap some of you need to learn some patience and to not blast through content. This game hasn’t been out very long at all and like say when WoW first launched (I was part of it, yes) things take a bit to develop and get out as well as fixing bugs.

    This is the same rhetoric that happens when WoW or any other MMO releases content, people blast through it and cry when after a few weeks they have nothing to do.

    I myself am enjoying the game immensely and not rushing through any of it .. and as it happens it looks like that method will end up paying off the most since by the time I get through the current content, new content will be out.

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 3 June, 2013 at 12:25 pm - Reply Author

      I think the game has been out long enough that the whole “blasted through content” arguement can be thrown out the window. MMO’s, especially AAA titles, have a much higher standard to live up to nowadays than they did back when WoW came out. It is simply foolish to release a unfinished game to the public. A few bugs can still be expected but the complete lack of end-game content is unacceptable. Getting these small content updates every week or two is nice but its only enough to bring most people back to the game for a day or two. Maybe that was Trion’s goal when the created Defiance but as a consumer it is definitely not what I desired.

  10. I truely loved playing this game when it first released. I thought the gameplay mechanics were great and it was just plain enjoyable to run around and feel like an uber commando or some crap but the ADD sets in. I am between 500 and 600 right now, I haven’t “blasted through” anything and yet I am still bored out of my mind. The PVP is just plain bad (my opinion and I know others like it), the story is mediocre at best, the lack of new contect is already getting to me, and the “level” system is simply non existant. Every single dungeon my brother and I have gone through, we end up ranked #1 and #2 (both in the 500s) and we are beating out people in the 1500 range by a fair amount. I don’t want to say “Damn I’m good” it just shows me that it doesn’t really matter. Just point, shoot, roll, use a power and you are successful pretty much. Yes the game has only been out a short time, but at this point, it only really feels like I have done about a dozen or so different things. I run here collect this, go back and drop it off or go here and kill these guys. The dungeons are fun but they are all essentially the exact same thing and it drives me crazy that the final boses don’t drop anything at all. I know it’s an MMO but the missions (both main story and side) need more diversity. The arkfalls were a lot of fun at first but now it’s just “meh, whats the point”? I really don’t need any of the crap shields or grenades it’s going to give me. I’ll agree with the comment saying that this didn’t feel like it needed to be an MMO. A 4 player co op would have been perfectly fine as the “party” system is awful (better than DCUO) but still pretty bad. I have been playing MMO games for years (Final Fantasy 11 and WoW for about 4 years each) and what those games lacked in content at first, they made up for it with the fun I had with other players.

    I think Defiance is a fun game that I got my enjoyment out of but it just doens’t feel like anything more than a standard release that I would rent and get all the fun i expected out of it in a weekend. At this point, I am considering trading it in before it drops too much in value as I haven’t touched it in about 2 weeks.

    Also, to anyone saying give it time give it time, yes I understand that it is an MMO and more content will eventually drop but with the way games are now, developers need to keep things fresh quickly. There are so many choices for games these days that if they aren’t releasing new content then they need to have the content to keep your attention for more than a month or at least have the multiplayer system be enough fun that it keeps me playing with friends.

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