Getting to Know Defiance: EGO Powers

So I imagine you’ve all been wondering what EGO power you should start with in Defiance and also what exactly each power actually does.  Well there are four unique EGO powers in the game that each cater to different play styles; You have the tanky decoy, the dps oriented Overcharge, the stealthy sniper Cloak and finally the close ranged melee Blur power.  Each power is unique and powerful in their own right so in order to determine what power is best for you, first you need to determine how you want to play the game.

Each power is located in a different quadrant of the EGO grid and is surrounded by perks that support the general play style of each power.  So at least initially, your character will start out with a build that matches up with the general intent of each power.  Eventually you will be able to branch out and get any perk you desire but at the start you will be limited.

DecoyOkay lets get started.  The first EGO power we will look at is the Decoy.  Decoy is primarily considered to be the tank power.  When activated the decoy will taunt Decoy_Descenemies in the area distracting them and saving you from taking damage.  While the decoy is out you can activate the power again to swap places with the decoy.  So why is decoy good?  Well it can save you from most difficult situations by peeling aggro off of yourself and other players.  Can be used as a limited warp skill in case you ever need to move out of an area safely.  Decoy is also very useful for quickly completing quest objectives (run in to a quest area, pop your decoy, interact with the object and then leave the area).  In general I find the defensive perks to be more useful than most of the offensive ones so it is nice to start in the Decoy quadrant.  Personally I think Decoy is the best starter/leveling.  It can save you from getting killed in many situations and can help streamline quests when you just don’t feel like killing everything.

OverchargeThe next EGO power is Overcharge.  Overcharge is a very useful power that increases damage done as well as Overcharge_Descinstantly reload your weapon.  This is considered to be the best dps power.  The instant reload can be very nice for any of the slower reloading weapons.  Consider having two LMG’s with lets say 50 rounds in each clip, you could easily fire off 150 rounds without a break.  If you combined that with the passive reload perk you might be able to fire off almost 5 full clips before reloading which translate to some very nice sustained dps.  The downside is that Overcharge is purely offensive and the only way it can help you out of a tough stop is by simply powering through the opponent.  Overcharge is very fun but I wouldn’t recommend it as your first EGO power.

Cloak Next we have the Cloak EGO power.  Cloak is your typical Cloak_Descstealth type power which tends to learn towards the sniper play style.  The perks surrounding cloak encourage the player to play a sniper play style with perks that increase damage while cloaking  increase loot drops on critical hits, or regenerating ammo on a critical kill.  Another nice thing about Cloak is that it immediately starts recharging your shields once the Cloak is up.  So it has both offensive and defensive uses.  Personally I feel that if your play style is going to be primarily sniping then Cloak is probably the power for you.  It can also work nice with some of the close range weapons if your plan is to close the distance while cloaked and then dispatch the enemy quickly.


Finally we have the Blur EGO power.  Blur is kind of a hybrid offensive/defensive power that tends to encourage close quarters combat.  Many of the perks Blur_Descaround Blur give boosts to melee damage and movement speed.  This allows for a real run and gun play style that isn’t really catered to with the other EGO powers.  I would have to say that Blur is probably the most fun EGO power but occasionally ends up leaving you stuck high and dry.  While Blur is active your movement speed is greatly increased and your melee attacks do full damage against shields.  Blur works great for both closing the distance and escaping tough situations.  I would recommend Blur for players planning on using any type of shotgun build and for players that have a tendency to use lots of melee attacks.


You can always respec so if you don’t initially like the power that you’ve chosen, you can always change later.  Initially I would recommend selecting an EGO power more for the perks surrounding it than the actual power.  It shouldn’t take you too long to traverse the EGO grid, so once you have built up a decent number of EGO points you can easily respec and really start customizing your build to your play style.  Hope you found this column useful and if you would like to request a column on any area of the game please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments or email us through the Contact Us page.


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    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 30 March, 2013 at 4:23 pm - Reply Author

      Absolutely, you will be in even better shape if you preordered from steam. Inventory is really only an issue right when you start the game so it’s nice to get some bonus slots from the preorder/codes. On top of that I think the codes should give you 30 EGO rating as well from the bonus skill ups.

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 1 April, 2013 at 12:59 am - Reply Author

      To be honest I don’t think builds are going to be a huge deal in Defiance. With 9 perks (eventually) you will really be able to cover all of your bases. I expect most players to be running fairly balanced builds, with some of the basic defenisve perks combined with some offensive perks that benefit their personal playstyle.

      I will probably do a quick write up tomorrow on some leveling advice more catered to what weapons to use, some survival tips and just general advice to get you started.

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