Getting to Know Defiance: Understanding Progression

The first thing to understand in Defiance is that there is more than one direction of progression.  Progression is broken down into three areas: EGO Rating, EGO Points and Weapon Experience.  EGO Rating unlocks new perk slots, dungeons and inventory slots, EGO Points unlocks perk and EGO powers, and Weapon Experience improves your skill with an individual weapon.  Each of the three categories are connected in some ways but they do progress individually.


EGO Rating

Your EGO Rating is kind of like an achievement score.  As you finish the various perks, level up your weapons skills and gain EGO points, your EGO Rating will increase.  As your EGO Rating increases you will unlock new perk slots on your character as well as open new matchmaking content.  In general your EGO rating will be used as your “level” in Defiance.

New perk slots unlock at the following EGO Ratings: 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 (note: this may be tweaked for release).  This may seem a bit daunting when you start the game but don’t get discouraged, once you get into finishing pursuits your EGO Rating will really start jumping.

Advancing your EGO Rating has other benefits besides just unlocking perks.  As your EGO Rating increases you will unlock new instanced content.

Tip:  Be aware of the combat pursuits while progressing through the game.  In order to complete all of the combat pursuits you will need to use a variety of different weapons.  The combat shotgun, bolt action sniper rifle, assault rifle and light machine gun are all core weapons of the combat pursuits.  For each of these weapons you will need to kill 1000 enemies and reach level 10 with each of the four weapon types.  While the rocket launcher may be fun it doesn’t help you to unlock any of the combat pursuits.


EGO Points

EGO Points are unlocked  through general xp gain and are used to unlock new perk via the EGO grid.  Where EGO Rating advances by completing pursuits EGO Points benefit most from completing events.  So if you are ever points starved make sure to stay on the lookout for the various events happening throughout the world.  Not just Arkfalls but, helping wounded soldiers and clearing roadblocks as well.

The flow of EGO Points stays fairly constant throughout the game.  This is a good thing since the EGO grid is fairly large and each perk will take several points to max out and your main skill will take even more points on top of that.

Tip: Don’t be too concerned with getting EGO Points at the start of the game.  The points will come over time, it is much more efficient to focus on increasing your EGO Rating and progressing the main storyline.

Weapon Experience

Weapon experience is specific to each specific weapon type and each individual weapon has an experience cap.  Each time you level up a weapon type you gain a new benefit when using that weapon type.  Leveling up your weapons give benefits like reduced recoil, reduced reload time, increased damage radius, increased elemental proc, etc.  Weapon levels contribute to your EGO Rating so it is advised to make sure you are using an uncapped weapon.

Lets look a little bit closer at individual weapon experience.  When any weapon reaches the experience cap you will gain a bonus stat for that weapon.  The bonus stat is usually nice but since it prevents you from gaining anymore weapon experience it is advised to get a new weapon, unless of course you have maxed out your level for that particular weapon type.

Vehicle experience is handled in much the same manner as weapon experience.  The main difference is that vehicles do not have an individual experience cap.  So if you want to level up your vehicles simply head out into the world for a nice leisurely drive. (note: Vehicle levels do not increase your EGO rating)

Tip:  There are lots of different weapon types in defiance, some are very similar but be aware of the difference.  If you want to skill up your bolt action sniper rifle make sure you don’t have a semi-automatic sniper rifle equipped.  The two weapons may seem similar but each has their own category.  The same is true for combat shotguns and pump action shotguns.

There is a synergy between the three areas of progression but each area should be considered as its own entity.  For the most part all three will increase steadily as you play the game no matter what your playstyle is but, if you really want to get the most out of your Defiance experience, take the time to understand how the three types of progression differ and how you can best optimize your play experience.


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    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 28 March, 2013 at 4:15 pm - Reply Author

      Well first thin I like to do is turn on damage numbers through the gameplay menu. This will help you to see exactly how much damage you are doing and from there i just about finding a weapon you are comfortable with and enjoy using.

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    • You can’t reset experience for weapons.
      Be aware that using a weapon with maxed out experience wont contribute experience to that weapon’s overall category (e.g. a maxed out ‘123ABC-GunnyGun’ wont help level your ‘Assault Rifles’ anymore)

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  3. Help I am addicted to Defiance!

    Game works great also it is true, in the begin you might struggle with the EGO system, however while making progress your EGO will really boost up quickly!

  4. i really do not understand the progression kind of because why is it that 1 weapon from the tutorial has more damage than the orange weapon i received. i have been trying to figure this out so i could get my head around it and explain to other people how weapons later on are actually better because at the moment i have not noticed that

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 13 April, 2013 at 7:38 am - Reply Author

      Well it more or less boils down to exact weapon brands. I higher level weapon isn’t guaranteed to be better than a lower level one but a higher level/higher quality weapon of the exact same model is more likely to be better. So basically you need to find an exact weapon you like not just a general category. The weapons within each category differ greatly and really you won’t start seeing an improvement in the weapons until you start getting higher quality weapons and start modding each weapon you get.

  5. Do nano effect like Incendiary add to weapon skill leveling when target is set on fireor are those dmg points not counted at all ?

    • Slade "bwar" Saretsky
      Slade "bwar" Saretsky 25 April, 2013 at 4:11 pm - Reply Author

      I actually don’t know the answer to that, I want to say yes because i think my detonators leveled up from fire xp but that weapons fire effect wasn’t a nano effect.

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