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Hello there, Welcome to our first Ark Spotlight Interview with one of the Guilds Overseer of Dark L3gion. Ark Spotlights picks the brains of guilds and community members of Defiance, getting their thoughts and feelings on the events surrounding the game.  Sometimes we literally pick their brains… but we don’t want to talk about those times…


Q: Can you tell us about your guild, is there a story to tell?
A:  The Dark L3gion was created just for Defiance. We are one of the first created Defiance guild’s for Defiance. We have a large group of players that are focused on Defiance
*We are one of the first created Defiance guild’s for Xbox 360

Q: Currently how many members do you have in Dark L3gion?
A: We are at 80+ members right now.

Q: Oh wow, so what are your short term and long term clan goals for Defiance?
A: Our short term goal is getting our members into their proper ranks within our guild which decides who will be doing what in Defiance. Some are gathering ingame currency to buy our guild items, etc. Others are
focused on the competitive side. We are varied in different aspects of the game that Defiance offers. The long term goal is organization on alliance with other guilds and making a name for ourselves.

Q: What was it that brought you too Defiance?
A: One little link from an email from Trion world started it all. Joined the forums on January 29th and since then I have been hooked. I have never been hyped about any other game as much as Defiance.

Q: How much of a factor was the TV show in your decision to play Defiance and of your guildmates?
A: Not much of a factor I would say. More of a awesome add on to the game. We are just as excited for the TV show to be released as much as the game itself. More ways for us to stay connected and keep our interest
focused on Defiance.

Q: So what is your guys website and social links?
A: Our guild site is located at, our youtube link is, and our livestream will be hosted on Well, Our recruitment is currently
closed, but anyone can still apply and if we expand or have open spots the applications will be reviewed. We are only on Xbox360 and just for Defiance. The Dark L3gion appreciates you doing this for us.


No Problem! Appreciate the time you’ve taken out of your day. And being our first Ark Spotlight interview.

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