Defiance Leveling Guide: Sausalito Quick Guide

The goal of this guide is to give you some quick easy to use references for completing all of the Sausalito pursuits.

This Guide consists of the following resources: Sausalito Exploration Map, Sausalito Data Recorder Video

Side Missions:

The side missions for Sausalito are fairly straight forward.  For Angel of Death simply complete all five parts of the quest line.  As for Scorched Earth and Winding Down simply complete the individual missions.

Data Recorders:


Data Recorder Quick links:


explore_saus   There are some issues with the final data recorder so you may have issues getting into a phase where the data recorder is accessible.  Its easiest to try and get a friend to help if you are having issues with the final data recorder.

Hopefully this guide helps you complete any of the Sausalito pursuits that you were having issues with.


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