Enough With This Whole Sci-Fi BS, We Want Zombies!

If you’ve been sitting around the last few weeks wishing that Defiance had more Zombies, well your wish has been granted.  The latest game update has added a new mysterious plague that apparently is turning people into Zombies.  So it looks like the sparsely populated area of San Francisco will be culling the herd even further now that a good chunk of the remaining population will soon become Zombies.  Check out “The Plague” Trailer below and then log into Defiance for some Zombie killing action.

The update also comes with a few new pursuits including new data recoreders (Check Demon Ranch, Shondu’s Consolate and Top-Notch Toolworks to find them).

Looks like a fun little update that I am looking forward to getting my hands on.  See you all in game.


Source: Defiance Blog


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